Feta-Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Arugula Pesto and Roasted Red Peppers

I need to have a cookout when I can use my hand again, and serve these. You can basically never go wrong with feta or roasted red peppers.

The Scrumptious Pumpkin

I’ll just say it: turkey burgers can be pretty blah.

Sure, they’re a healthier choice because they’re lower in fat and calories than the traditional ground beef burger.

But doesn’t it still add up to a big waste of calories when the food is boring, bland, and flavorless?

So I’ve got this recipe that changes all that.

First, I stuffed the turkey patties with lots of salty crumbled feta.

Then I added smoky roasted red peppers and a fresh and peppery arugula pesto.

These turkey burgers happen to offer a tasty and savory combo of flavors in every cheesy, nutty, peppery bite.

They are so, so yummy.

My meat-and-potatoes-guy officially loves turkey burgers now, which was no easy feat, let me tell you.

Here, I unlock all the not-so-secret ingredients to making turkey burgers that actually taste amazing.

The first step is to make the roasted red peppers.


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Hello world!

A while ago for a bunch of reasons I decided it was time to eat better and face down my fear of vegetables. So I did, but then I realized there are still a lot of vegetables I don’t like, or don’t know how to fix, or have never tried.

To solve this, I bought a farm share. Every week from the beginning of June through the end of November, I’ll be getting a supply of fresh local produce. And then I’ll have to figure out what to do with it. The first pick-up is this Saturday. Eep!

Who am I, you ask? A late-20s ladyperson with a full-time job, an unquenchable thirst for terrible disaster movies, and a tendency towards clumsiness. I’m a big knitter, although that’s currently on hiatus since I just had surgery on my dominant hand and will have to do it again on my non-dominant hand in about a month. I don’t mind telling you it’s a little difficult to chop cucumbers right now.

Well, that’s it from me until I get my first pick-up. Saturday can’t come soon enough!