The farm share warned us that we would get a lot of cucumbers this week. And boy howdy did we ever. My half-share came out to two pounds. That is a hefty amount of cucumbers for one person to eat in a week.

Inspired by a recent-ish Fresh Air interview about fermented foods, I decided this week’s cucumbers would make ideal pickles. And so I present, protopickles. They’ll graduate into real edible foodstuffs Monday or Tuesday, but will be at their best in about two weeks, according to this very helpful blog post.

The whole process took me about half an hour, and I ended up with 6 pint jars full, and some spears left over to munch on. I’m looking forward to ripping into them this week and seeing how they went.


Everything you need to make pickles: kosher salt (couldn’t find brining salt), apple cider vinegar, cucumbers, garlic, dill.


This cuke is longer than a chef’s knife. It took up almost 3 jars by itself.


My beautiful protopickles on their first day of life. Happy birthday guys!