Well that sucked.

So it turns out I don’t know the first thing about cooking chard. My lunch this week did not work out the way I wanted it to, and after two attempts at eating it I’m throwing in the towel.

Next time, I’m going to try cooking chard in butter (I draw the line at bacon fat) and adding vinegar. Also, I might use it in lasagna or an Indian-style dish. (By the way many thanks to twitter and facebook friends for the suggestions.) I’m definitely going to reserve the arugula and beets for a raw dish – they got soggy and lost all their flavor and texture.

So my first major experiment wasn’t edible. That’s ok. I know a little more about what to do and I’ll do better next time.

Instead of focusing on failure, let me share one amazing success of the last few days: roasted chick peas. I got the recipe here. I’ve already eaten my way through an entire batch and I plan to make one more for this week and probably a couple more for a party this weekend. It’s the perfect crunchy salty snack that isn’t potato chips. Want…more…now…