Catching up

I’ve been so bad about posting. I’ve also been bad about cooking, so I guess it makes sense. Last week I went on a much-anticipated and much-needed vacation to California, so I could visit family and watch two very close friends get married. While I was there, I got some impromptu cooking lessons from my friend Maddy, who is trying to start her own catering company. (San Francisco Bay Area readers, take note, and find her at The Barbarian Gourmet.) Her task for the wedding was to make all the food for the bachelorette party, which took the two of us a couple of days, in between all the other wedding-related tasks. But we did it, and I still dream of her Israeli couscous salad.

Also while I was out there, I visited my cousin and her (very) soon-to-be husband. They own a beautiful 3/4-acre lot filled to the brim with over 200 trees and vines. Very nearly our entire dinner came from their garden. I really enjoyed talking with both of them about growing seasons and living sustainably. While most of their plans are far, far out of my reach, I’m definitely more motivated to start a garden than ever before.

This Friday, I’m having the first of what I hope will be monthly dinner parties. The theme is breakfast and I’ll be prepping for it all week. My hope is to post on everything I make, either as they come out or next weekend. So keep an eye out for

  • Challah (and Challah French toast)
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Pop Tarts (really!)
  • Crustless quiche
  • Hashbrown waffles
  • Potato-leek soup (not for the party, but because I got a lot of potatoes and leeks in my CSA box this week)
  • Black bean cakes (need something protein-filled to go with the soup)