Fear me, for I have made cheese.

I have made cheese. Twice now. The first batch was ok. Bland, but decent. Sadly I accidentally left it out on the stove all day and I had to pitch it. The second batch was quite lovely. It got eaten on crackers with mango chutney.

As it turns out, this is pretty easy stuff to make. I followed a recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, and it worked out pretty well. Below, some pictures from the making of the first batch.

We start with ingredients and supplies. This is all you need. Really.

things what you need to make cheese

Cheese ingredients and supplies

Boil the regular milk until it starts to bubble a little on the sides, stirring so it won’t scorch. Then add the buttermilk all at once and stir stir stir. Within a minute it will look like this.

Not scrambled eggs

After the buttermilk

Then you pour it carefully over cheesecloth into a colander. Here I had some technical failures the first time around. Gather up the corners of the cloth, run the bundle under cold water, and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

not quite what i expected

An imperfect bundle of cheese.

Let it sit for about 90 minutes, and you get cheese! Sorry for a not that great picture; turns out a blob of white on a white plate is not easy to photograph.

Behold, the power of cheese

Tastes better than it looks.

And so, cheese. It’s soft and crumbly, somewhere in the neighborhood of ricotta taste-wise but closer to feta in consistency. Goes great with crackers, oatmeal (really!), and over a salad. I may make another batch next week for lasagna.


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